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Introducing Peoplability

We have the cause. You have the effect.

Managed by Ghalyah Al Hendi

Powered by Special Olympics UAE

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Client 6

Increase employability/universities degrees for people with ID

Currently, not many individuals with ID in the UAE are employed/received a university degree. The goal is to shift these statistics and achieve equality.

Client 4

Meaningful Conversations

Allowing people with ID and people without ID to put hand-in-hand together and create an inclusive and welcoming environment in workforces and universities.

Client 1


Many work forces, universities, and youth without ID are not aware of this issue. So opening up this platform would allow them to understand the issue and create an inclusive environment.

Client 7


By collaborating with different entities and universities, we could open doors and opportunities for people with ID to be welcomed and easily adapt into those environments.

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Meet the team!


Founders and Team Managers

The founders and or marketing managers  Ghalyah AlHendi and Alyazia Hadrami take the responsibility in guiding and instilling the foundation of the Peoplability team. They are the face of it all, as they started the entire team that we know as Peoplability today or better known as the trailblazers that started it all.


Marketing Managers

The marketing managers carry the responsibility of spreading out the message of Peoplability to many platforms and sites. They provide the networking possible to make Peoplability be able to outreach its message to thousands of people while also helping pave a better future for all.


Social Media Managers

The social media managers control how Peoplability can spread their message to the average person. They through many posts, videos, and livestreams can slowly build up what Peoplability is and stands for.

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March 17, 2022 - 4:00 PM

Peoplability collaborated with Mubadala Health to bring you a series of workshops, the first workshop will feature a Nurse and Doctor that will speak about their professions and at the end of the workshop there will be a form linked about a potential internship! This is a great way to build your resume, especially if you are interested in the medical field!

March 22, 2022 - 5:00 PM

This is a workshop revolving around Mental Health, the workshop will be presented by Abu Dhabi University. This is also a great way to learn about the university, even if you’re not interested in Psychology!

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Newspaper Article

The National News published an article about Peoplablility featuring Ghalyah Al Hendi and Alyazia Al Hadhrami

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In case you have any questions, please email us on:

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